Design of claims service and user centred design training

Research and design of licensing service and testing concepts

Service design coaching for financial difficulty innovation lab

Research of technical education provision in England & Wales

Design of onboarding service for staff at HMRC digital

Design sprints, research and new product design

Wardely map training and stratgey review of DVLA services

Research of Boarder Force services and programme planning

Research and design of new mass market product

Research and evaluation of Universal Credit pilot

Design of responsive templates and coaching in Design Thinking

Design of new login and payment service for business customers

Design of responsive website for Adidas promotion

Research of needs of small to medium size merchents on eBay

Design of Bedhead hair care website and competitor research

Research needs of military service personal for financial education and support

Research Business school student needs and shape marketing stratgey

Design of corporate intranet and information architecture review

Product strategy and programme management